Kintetsu Rail Pass - 1, 2 or 5 days

Kintetsu Rail Pass - 1, 2 or 5 days

Cancellation Non-refundable, non-modifiable

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Unlimited journeys on the Kintetsu network for 1, 2 or 5 days
Easy travel between Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Nagoya
The extensive train and bus network
Discounts and promotions at partner venues

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1 day , 2 days , 4 days , 5 days

* All details will be sent to you upon reservation.


Enjoy unlimited travel on the Kintetsu rail network and explore the Kansai region!

The Kintetsu Rail Pass provides unlimited access to trains and buses (depending on the pass chosen) on the Kintetsu network, for the duration of your choice.
This pass is ideal for visitors wishing to fully explore the Kansai region: you can get around easily and be able to explore the bustle of Osaka's Namba district, Kyoto's gardens and temples, Nara and its free-roaming deer, Yoshino's famous cherry blossom trees and lots of other destinations.

The Kintetsu Rail Pass comes in various forms ranging from 1 to 5 days:
- 1 day
- 2 days
- 5 days
- 5 days Plus

The Kintetsu company's lines serve the following destinations in particular:
- Osaka
- Kyoto
- Nara
- Nagoya
- Yoshino
- Iga
- Ise

The 1-day, 2-day and 5-day Plus passes can also be used on some of the region's buses. Please refer to the maps above to see which networks are covered by each pass.
You can also take advantage of discounts and promotional offers at around forty partner venues (restaurants, shops, temples, etc) on the presentation of your pass.

Good to know

  • Availability: every day (except under exceptional circumstances)
  • Pass collection points: see below - more information is in your voucher
  • Duration: 1 to 5 days
  • The Kintetsu Rail Pass is only valid on the specified Kintetsu network, and cannot be used on the other railway company networks (Japan Railways, Hankyu Railway, Nankai Electric Railway, metro network, etc)
  • The Kintetsu Rail Pass is available to travellers with a foreign passport and a temporary visa ("temporary visitor" category) of 90 days or less.
    You'll need to present your passport and the customs stamp marked "temporary visitor" to redeem your pass
    Japanese nationals (holders of a Japanese passport), as well as foreigners residing in Japan and visitors holding a non-tourist visa cannot use this pass
  • Lost passes will not be refunded or reissued
  • The voucher is nominative and non-transferable. When booking, please enter the names of the passengers as they appear on their passport
  • Please keep your passport with you when travelling with the pass. Train inspectors may want to check your identity
  • You'll need to buy a separate/additional ticket if travel around areas not covered by the pass
  • The duration of the pass is counted in calendar days, not 24-hour periods
  • The purchase of an additional ticket is required for travel on "Limited Express" trains
  • A voucher with a QR code will be sent to you once your booking has been confirmed. This voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase
  • You'll need to present the voucher (paper or digital version) at the ticket counter of one of these stations in the Kintetsu network to collect your Kintetsu Rail Pass (paper ticket)
    - Osaka-Namba
    - Osaka-Uehommachi
    - Osaka-Abenobashi
    - Kintetsu-Nara
    - Kintetsu Kyoto
    - Kintetsu Nagoya
    - Tsu
  • The list of partner venues offering discounts and special offers for pass holders is available here
    These offers are only valid while the pass is valid, with a maximum of one use per venue

Price includes

  • The Kintetsu Rail Pass and unlimited travel on the Kintetsu network (depending on the pass chosen)

Price doesn’t include

  • Supplementary fares for Limited Express trains
  • Any other extras



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